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A tool for every type of job

DJI Inspire 1 Pro
DJI Inspire 1 ProMedium Weight Quadcopter
The DJI Inspire 1 Pro is an excellent choice for the professional aerial media company. It features the X5 gimbal/camera with a micro four-thirds sensor and removable lens. The Inspire 1 Pro is capable of full autonomous flight as well as controlled flight from one of two transmitters. One transmitter controls the aircraft while another can control the camera gimbal.
Gryphon Dynamics X8
Gryphon Dynamics X8Heavy-Lift Octocopter
The Gryphon Dynamics X8 is a heavy lift drone with eight motors and propellers. Controlled with the DJI A2 flight controller, the X8 has unprecedented stability in the air, and can navigate via controller line-of-sight, or autonomously navigate to waypoints. Under the X8 sits a PhotoShipOne Phoenix A10 gimbal, able to carry a full-frame Canon 5D and 6D DSLR.
Free Flight X4
Free Flight X4Medium-Lift Quadcopter
The Free Flight X8 is a long-endurance aircraft capable of up to 17 minutes of flight time. With an 800mm arm span, it can spin large carbon fiber propellers and lift a stabilized gimbal. The camera of choice for the X4 is a Sony Nex7 with a 35mm prime lens.
SkyhunterAdvanced Mapping Platform
The Skyhunter is a lightweight twin-boom aircraft capable of producing high-resolution vertical maps for survey and land management. The aircraft is constructed of high-density foam and carbon fiber, and features a single axis gimbal to remove parallax errors commonly found in autonomous mapping aircraft with a fixed camera. Powered by the 3DRobotics PixHawk flight controller, the Skyhunter is capable of long range, long endurance mapping flights upward of one hour.