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Gunn Photography Services has been operating since 2006, offering affordable high-resolution drone aerial photography and drone aerial video in Cleveland and all of Northeast Ohio. By operating drone sUAS aircraft, we are able to produce stunning views and videos of homes, buildings, events, construction and real estate projects, etc. without the high operating costs of full-sized airplanes or helicopters. Our aerial imagery is of the highest quality: we don’t use the Phantom with a GoPro-style fisheye lens. Our DJI Inspire 1 Pro, with the Zenmuse X5 Micro 4/3″ sensor camera provides 16MP resolution and increased dynamic range over the competition.

Commercial Real Estate Aerial Photography

An effective property listing should encompass all aspects of a site; aerial photos add a unique angle to a listing, showing the entire property, boundaries, frontage, and adjacent neighborhoods and retail. That unique angle achieved by a drone is arguably a necessity in an age where many realtors are turning to aerial photography drone companies to differentiate their listings from the next. Gunn Photography Services specializes in drone aerial photography of commercial real estate properties. From small businesses to vast multi-acre developments, we can photograph the property from many different heights and angles, including vertical photos looking down. We specialize in all types of commercial properties including: office, multi-family, retail, hotel, industrial, raw and developed land, factories, and everything else in between.

Commercial Real Estate Aerial
Vertical Aerial of Commercial Property

Residential Real Estate Drone Photos

The real estate industry is cutthroat, there’s no denying the sheer number of agents and realty companies out there, trying to differentiate themselves from the next realtor. Adding aerial photography of a property to a MLS listing is a cost effective and simple solution to make your listings stand out. A drone can fly low and capture close-up aerial photos of a property, or position itself high above the home and get a bird’s eye view of the house. Through aerial photos, the agent can show potential home owners where the nearest retail shops are located. Gunn Photography Services can create full drone aerial videos with accompanying photos to showcase a home, or provide only photography to update a listing.

Construction Aerial Photography

Construction companies can benefit from aerial photography before breaking ground, during all construction phases as “progressive” photos, and after completion. Documenting a project from inception until completion is an excellent marketing strategy for any construction company. Gunn Photography Services specializes in construction progressive aerial photography and video. We can capture high-resolution photos for inspection, and entire jobsite photos, both oblique and vertical. Future projects can be planned from aerial photos, and finished projects can be promoted with high quality aerial photography.

Tower, Antenna, Bridge, and Roof Inspection

Drones have finally reached a point where the image and video quality is high enough to warrant detailed inspections. A drone such as the DJI Inspire 1 Pro and DJI Mavic Pro utilize forward and downward facing optical sensors, sonar, and GPS to maintain a close and safe proximity to a fixed structure without making contact, even in high winds. The DJI Mavic Pro can position itself within 5 feet of a fixed structure and take 10mp still photos and 4K resolution video. Gunn Photography Services offers inspections for antenna and radio towers, cell towers, antenna arrays, buildings, roofs, and any fixed structures that need to be examined closely. Roof inspections can be accomplished in hazardous areas with excessive pitch, without the risks and costs of sending an inspector up onto the roof.

Automobile dealerships often pay big money for aerial photos of their property; Gunn Photography Services offers the same high quality photographs at a fraction of the cost. Real estate companies benefit from the unique perspective achieved by positioning the camera at a height from 20 to 50 feet. With the amount of commercial and residential properties on the market, a wise real estate company will see the benfits and can stand out with high quality aerial shots. Roofing companies and inspectors can benefit from high resolution, up-close roof inspection pictures.

Aerial photos and video from a small radio controlled drone are the perfect solution for capturing important school sporting events. Gunn Photography Services can shoot your school’s homecoming event, football, baseball, soccer match, or any social activities.

All photos are taken with high-megapixel digital SLR cameras and equipment. All post production work is done in-house. Gunn Photography Services can create and add professional graphics to any photos at your request.

Gunn Photography Services offers AP and video packages for: real estate, commercial and movie production, action and extreme sports,agricultural mapping, construction sites and progress, automobile dealerships, golf courses, sporting events, commercial and residential,school and campus events, roofing contractors, land development and survey, accident and insurance investigation, and much more.